Diploma 2021

Diploma 2021 was an explosion of creativity and talent, bringing together 92 remarkable works from 16 distinct artistic fields. From architecture to fashion, from painting to metallurgy, the event captured the diversity and depth of human expression. In an atmosphere pulsating with anticipation, visitors were transported on a fascinating journey through the universe of contemporary art. Art exhibitions conveyed emotion and story, while fashion creations shone with elegance and style. Works in metal, glass, and ceramics impressed with the finesse and creativity of the details. Diploma 2021 was not just an exhibition, but a celebration of human genius in all its forms, illustrating the power and diversity of art in contemporary society.

Octavia Chiru presented two outfits from the ORGANIC CHAPTER: 002 – HEAVEN AND EARTH collection at this event.

You can enjoy the entire exhibition with the Virtual Tour provided by the event organizers by pressing the button nearby.

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