Harper’s Bazaar Magazine November 2021

Harper’s Bazaar magazine brought fashion closer to nature by organizing a spectacular photo shoot. With Octavia Chiru in the spotlight, alongside natural fabrics and organic shapes, they created a fairy-tale landscape.

The outdoor photo shoot was a fascinating journey through nature, with Octavia showcasing creations that harmonized seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Ceramic accessories added charm, transforming each outfit into an artistic expression.

Under the watchful eyes of the Harper’s Bazaar team, fashion came to life among the imposing rocks and sunlight, while natural fabrics added a touch of comfort and authenticity. This photo shoot was a celebration of organic beauty and how fashion can dance harmoniously with nature.



A collection through which I felt the need to merge with nature in all its aspects.

First and foremost, nature was my muse and provided me with freedom of expression. I closely studied the three natural kingdoms – animal, vegetable, and mineral. Each piece in the collection explores an organism or an inanimate element, which is then abstracted through the filter of my vision. This merging of nature and collection was achieved through materializing the garments – I offered them shapes, shades, textures, and the quality of being sustainable.

I used natural, biodegradable, and organic materials, carefully woven in Romania. The pieces are made to order, following the principles of slow fashion. Additionally, I introduced ceramics, another natural, biodegradable material, as an unconventional element to the textile pieces. From ceramics, I handcrafted the buttons, bags, and jewelry. I wanted each piece to be unique, specially crafted for the wearer.

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