VOGUE Mexico – March 2022

Octavia Chiru collaborated with Yashua Simmons, a top stylist, for a memorable photoshoot. Yashua contributed to creating an atmosphere of elegance, showcasing the ceramic ring, a distinctive jewelry piece from Octavia Chiru. During the shoot, Karol G wore the ring, adding a touch of style and originality to the entire outfit. The collaboration between Octavia and Yashua highlighted their passion for fashion and innovation, demonstrating how they can create significant moments in the fashion industry.

Karol G unveils her journey of empowerment for the cover of Vogue Mexico and Latin America. Through the lens of Emmanuel Monsalve, the MAMIII interpreter showcases her most natural yet equally powerful style in a series of images that narrate her empowerment story, also detailed within the pages of the Fashion Bible.

Known as Bichota, she reminisces about her beginnings, her journey towards freedom, and self-acceptance to dedicate powerful melodies to women. Karol G’s music is much more than catchy dance rhythms.

These are the photographs of the Colombian artist in her first appearance on the cover of Vogue. Don’t miss the full interview in the March 2022 issue.

“When I started, I was very careful not to exceed certain limits or talk about certain topics or express myself in a certain way,” says Carolina Giraldo about her creative process at the beginning of her career. “Sometimes I would write a song that told about an intimate moment I had with someone, and it was a song that remained saved.”

Through a process of liberation, Karol G imposed her own rules on the lyrics of urban music: “Before, women listened to male songs and had to adapt them to the way we would say them, but not now. Now there are women who express what we feel.”

The artist from Medellin connects with her followers in a very special way because she knows they have managed to see beyond Karol G and feel empathy for Carolina: “They have watched and loved me for who Carolina is. I feel that people have fallen in love more with who I am than with a character, and that makes me feel very special because they have helped me feel more comfortable with what I do and that I am much freer.”

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Karol G: Las impresionantes fotos de la cantante en la revista Vogue | Vogue

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