Afaceri de la Zero (Businesses : Starting from Scratch)

Passionate about art since childhood, with studies in the field and with an entrepreneurial mother, Octavia Chiru started with many assets on the road of entrepreneur in the field of clothing and object design. But what really made the difference was the uniqueness of her pieces, be it the clothes or the jewelry made of ceramics and pure gold.

“Everything started from the passion for beauty. Ever since I knew myself and I could create memories, I really liked to draw, to color, and that’s how the desire to continue something in this artistic area began”, said Octavia Chiru, the founder of the brand with the same name, in the program Business : Starting from Scratch.

The passion part was doubled by studies, but further on there was a moment when he realized that he wanted to do something on his own, according to his own rules.

“I don’t like to have something that everyone else has. I remember that once I bought something from a store, a coat, and when I got home a lady in front of me had exactly the same model of coat. That’s when I realized that everyone should have their own uniqueness in clothing. That’s how I came to the desire to have this port to represent me.”

With the development of the portfolio, Octavia began to focus on the communication area, quite a difficult move, she admits, but absolutely necessary. One day, a message that she initially thought was a joke, would turn into an aspirational collaboration for any designer.

“I received a message on Instagram from a stylist who works with many stars, telling me that he really likes what I do, that he has a shoot for VOGUE Mexico, for the cover. Initially, I thought it was a joke.” But things were as serious as possible, after several styling attempts, one of Octavia Chiru’s rings even appeared on the cover of VOGUE Mexico. “It seemed to me that he was the center of attention.”

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Afaceri de la Zero. Octavia Chiru a lansat în 2020 brandul de design vestimentar şi… (

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