[Diploma Stories] Octavia Chiru

Tell us a little about yourself, which are the most important chapters that had brought you here? What were the essential moments of training? How did you find your way into design and fashion?

The story says that I stepped on a creative-artistic path right from the moment when the memories made their presence felt. For me, it happened around the age of 3, when imagination has no limits, curiosity does not give you peace, and daydreaming is an Olympic sport (I admit, these things happen even now…). All these elements have evolved and branched out, preparing a space conducive to artistic development. The key element in the formation was the desire to be different. For me, being different represents beauty, intrigue, mystery, joy. I always wanted to be original in my choices and I didn’t want to look like anyone else. So what do you first notice in a person? Superficial or not…clothing, accessories and other elements of wear…they have become for me a leitmotif in the development of a complete self.

How were the first attempts in this field? What were your initial fears? How did you manage them and what did they turn into along the way?

The first attempt was to bring my works to light. By this light, I mean their posting in the online environment that comes with all kinds of good and bad thoughts. Here we are first talking about a minefield, where you, the creator, no longer have full ownership and security, and creative privacy moves towards a transparent zone. The “obstacle” or as I like to call it the “challenge”, for me, was about overcoming the idea of perfection…”Will the pieces be liked by the public?”, “I am experienced enough in the field to create clothing collections ?”, plus many other questions about what is best and what is the secret of success for those just starting out. I found out the answer by myself, by avoiding unreal values such as perfection, allowing myself to make mistakes so that I can evolve and by having the courage to express myself, accepting the creative stage I am in at that moment.

Tell us about your participation in the Diploma Show in 2021. How was the experience? How did you think of the work selected at the Diploma Show 2021, what was the inspiration? What was the creative process like behind it? How long did you work on it, what were the sensitivities and obstacles?

In the 2021 edition, I participated with the work “ORGANIC CHAPTER: 002 – SKY AND EARTH”. The collection represents the second chapter of my creative journey. I like to call this “volume”, which includes the entire universe – OCTAVIA CHIRU. Thus, being a lover of stories, you will meet characters (the clothes/outfits from each collection), along with metaphors, anachronisms, parables (the accessories and attention to details) and of course a happy ending (sustainability plays an important role in the creation). The collections are very personal, they offer the public a window with a visor to the personal perspective on life, presenting the infinite possibilities that appear with the help of imagination. It is not just clothing, but an interactive experience in which the reality of each of us no longer knows limits.

“ORGANIC CHAPTER: 002 – HEAVEN AND EARTH” has its beginnings in the pandemic, from the moment when “alarms” occurred at the subconscious level. I felt the need for freedom, being constrained by my surroundings, that’s why I ran with open arms to connect with nature. I wanted to protect it, realizing how precious it is and at the same time I became aware of human fragility, as well as of what surrounds us. Thus, I created the collection raising awareness of the beauty of nature seen from a different perspective, I wanted to protect it by taking care in the making of the collection, using sustainability as the main factor, and I presented the fragility through the ceramic accessories.

The collection was thought out to the smallest detail, from the hand-made ceramic buttons, to the presentation of the photo editorial in which I translated the story with the so-called characters that I told you about above, among them: the Desert, the Morphology of Plants, the Sky, etc. . seen at the macro and microscopic level. Within the Diploma, the pieces chosen for the exhibition enjoyed recognition. I like to think that the audience, consciously or not, found themselves in this story and I was able to communicate collective moods, offering momentary or lasting relief.

What are the trends in fashion design at the moment in Romania?

A few years ago, sustainability was seen in Romania as a trend, being “approached” without real research, only a few of the Romanian designers brought tangible changes. Now, more and more people are concerned about the subject and it remains an area in full development. I choose sustainability, but not as a trend, that is fleeting!

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[Diploma Stories] Octavia Chiru: Într-o eră a consumerismului este plictisitor să vedem peste tot acelaşi lucru, respectiv trenduri, copii sau creaţii safe (iqads.ro)

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